Evening Will Come


EVENING WILL COME is a monthly journal of poetics founded in November 2010. It takes its title from a piece by Ian Hamilton Finlay, whose works we pay homage to.

The journal features essays of poetics, with new issues appearing on the first day of each month, twelve months a year.

Our plan is to publish these monthly issues here—online—for ten years, starting January 2011 and ending December 2020, totaling 120 issues. Then Evening Will Come will vanish altogether from the internet only to reappear in a single, printed volume collecting the journal's entire archive—to be released in the Fall of 2021 by Letter Machine Editions.

We do accept unsolicited submissions, but we ask that you query first.

Please note that while poetics is a broad term, we are not looking to publish reviews or poems of any length.

We seek instead: essays, treatises, experiments, manifestos, letters, roundtables, inquiries—even meditations, polemics, and diaries. Related, however obliquely, to poetry, or "whatever else falls within the same inquiry." Something in the neighborhood of 1000 words is preferred.

The contact is: eveningwillcome |at| gmail |dot| com