Evening Will Come

Issue 31 | July 2013

Mixed Form Issue

image of Peter Streckfus

Peter Streckfus | Introduction To The Issue

image of Jesse Ball

Jesse Ball | A Few Words on Works of Verse

image of Julie Carr

Julie Carr | Poetics | From REAL LIFE: An Installation

image of C. S. Giscombe


image of Cole Swensen

Cole Swensen | No End is Unplanned | from Landscapes on a Train

image of Joyelle McSweeney

Joyelle McSweeney | Warp Spasm Gristle Day | from Salamandrine, My Kid

image of Martine Bellen

Martine Bellen | BIRD CALLS | Quotations

image of Susan Tichy

Susan Tichy | Equal Meadows | An excerpt from HAIRST