Evening Will Come

Issue 40 | April 2014

Music Feature

image of Arielle Greenberg

Arielle Greenberg | Rock Star Foremothers of the Gurlesque: A Mythologies

image of Albert Transom

Albert Transom | Excerpt from Garageland

image of Cactus Cooler

Cactus Cooler | Paper Bag

image of Claire Cronin

Claire Cronin | Take the Rope

image of Cy Dune

Cy Dune | Sam & Rock-n-Roll

image of Christine Hume

Christine Hume | Radio

image of Dot Devota

Dot Devota | Almost No One Makes It Out :
Jason Molina’s MIDWEST

image of Daniel Moysaenko

Daniel Moysaenko | Punk and Poetry

image of Gong Fu Cha

Gong Fu Cha | We Are Enough

image of Jim Becker

Jim Becker | Jajouk

image of John Cleary

John Cleary | confessions of a KROQ kid

image of John Melillo image of Johanna Skibsrud

John Melillo & Johanna Skibsrud | O Death

image of Jeff Sirkin

Jeff Sirkin | Stolen Time: Frank O’Hara and the Musical Event

image of Krystal Languell

Krystal Languell | Didn’t We Almost Make It Out?

image of Kelly Schirmann


image of Patrick Culliton

Patrick Culliton | Chasing the Song: A Conversation with Jerry David DeCicca

image of Paul Hoover

Paul Hoover | Tribute to Bill Knott

image of Ronaldo V. Wilson

Ronaldo V. Wilson | Yellow

image of Shannon Tharp

Shannon Tharp | Keeping You in Mind: On Mary Margaret O’Hara

image of The True Wheel

The True Wheel | 9 minutes & 36 seconds-long poetry song