Evening Will Come

Issue 47 | November 2014

The Force of What’s Possible, Part II

image of Joshua Marie Wilkinson image of Lily Hoang

Introduction to The Force of What’s Possible Issues

image of Francisco Aragón

Francisco Aragón | Sludge, and the Alternatives

image of Hadara Bar-Nadav

Hadara Bar-Nadav | The Post-Lyric Impulse: Appropriation and the Elegy

image of Jennifer Firestone

Jennifer Firestone | Notes of Ambivalence

image of Lisa Fishman

Lisa Fishman | “What sort of bird do you call that, as you’ve got on th’ butter?”: Some Notes on Strangeness and Handiwork

image of Hafizah Geter

Hafizah Geter | On Boundary Constructs & Invisibility

image of George Kalamaras

George Kalamaras | Searching for the Fire Ants of Namibia: Avant-Garde Poetry and the Practice of Attention

image of Karla Kelsey

Karla Kelsey | ECHOACHE

image of Marthe Reed

Marthe Reed | Versions, versions: politics, the imagination, and the avant-garde, a poetics

image of Michael Rerick

Michael Rerick | The Package: Process, Moss, and Book Delivered

image of Rooze

Rooze | Opening the Space

image of Michelle Taransky

Michelle Taransky | Call for Papers

image of Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

Sunnylyn Thibodeaux | Off with the Head: What’s Primary in Poetry

image of Mark Wallace

Mark Wallace | The Judgment of the Audience