Evening Will Come

Issue 55 | July 2015

Affect Feature

image of Julie Carr image of Aaron Angello

Introductions by Julie Carr & Aaron Angello

image of Fred Moten

Fred Moten | Blackness and Poetry

image of Lucy Ives

Lucy Ives | Her Work

image of Divya Victor

Divya Victor | Wounds

image of Steven Goldsmith

Steven Goldsmith | Language Greying: C. S. Giscombe’s Ohio Railroads

image of Mia You

Mia You | Missing In Action

image of Katherine Eggert

Katherine Eggert | Relatively Happy: Inventing a New Emotion from John Donne’s “The Good Morrow” to “The Sun Rising”

image of Gerald Bruns

Gerald Bruns | Apology for Stuffed Owls

image of Robert Fitterman

Robert Fitterman | I FEEL YOUR PAIN… or, Reimagining Irony

image of Jessica Fisher

Jessica Fisher | Winding the Musical Box

image of Kyoo Lee

Kyoo Lee | YOU Affect: U, a new-I?

image of Lauren Berlant image of Claudia Rankine

Lauren Berlant | Interview with Claudia Rankine

image of Erín Moure

Erín Moure | Translation and Its Affective Challenges | from Secession by Chus Pato (trans. Erín Moure) | from Insecession

image of Lisa Robertson

Lisa Robertson | Notes on Form and Belief

image of Keston Sutherland

Keston Sutherland | On the Feeling that Poetry can be Written—‘It’s already your life.

image of Duriel Harris

Duriel Harris | Let Us Consider Sarah: Notes Toward Withness, Affect, Making, and the US Imaginary—Or—You Better Work, Bitch: This Is Flesh…. This Is the Prize