Evening Will Come

Issue 61 | January 2016

Our Difficult Telling

image of Michael Seth Stewart image of Michael Seth Stewart

Introduction by J. Michael Martinez and Khadijah Queen

image of Emily Jungmin Yoon

Emily Jungmin Yoon | Four Poems

image of Gabriel Ramirez

Gabriel Ramirez | Jon/G-D

image of Fernando Pérez

Fernando Pérez | Six Poems

image of Vickie Vértiz

Vickie Vértiz | Four Poems

image of Christopher David Rosales

Christopher David Rosales | El Mal de Ojo, or The City Called the City

image of Joshua Ware

Joshua Ware | Four Images

image of Hanif Willis-Abdurraquib

Hanif Willis-Abdurraquib | All The White Boys On The Eastside Loved Larry Bird

image of Meghan Privitello

Meghan Privitello | The Art of Negotiation

image of Rosebud Ben-Oni

Rosebud Ben-Oni | Three Poems

image of Anastacia Tolbert

Anastacia Tolbert | Morale is Low—A Hybrid Article—

image of Maya Marshall

Maya Marshall | Tips for Finding Teachable Moments

image of Sam Ross

Sam Ross | Two Poems