Melanie Neilson
Bird Coming Through A Super Doorway: The Doris Touch


Je voyageais. I was traveling. Impromptu a bird coming through
A super doorway, cartoon funny the sunshiny tipster quips: “You
Are here. And can be here and here…any form.”
Solo, what to chorus? Which programmed activity menu will evolve
From daily specials for audience members, links to principaux collaborateurs?
Knot: “Beauty’s a middle ground then, an easing into absence.”
Voice of poem, voice of poet, out of the future,
Outside and the practice of inside a dream of love
Coming true through recombinant interiorizations, life’s work the ultimate unity.
Stacy Doris accomplishes a vital expansion of poetry in her time.


What a reader one might be if one knew well
Doris’ rocking books a tour de force family of works.
Her futuristic carosella causes re-readers to become younger or older
Depending on the direction or sequence in which they read.
To strains of “The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down” or
What lovers spark while riding the malfunctioning carousel of Paramour,
Rotating les parfums de la nuit with time to stop
And fondle the multi-sensual details of the author’s intention.
The Doris touch, perilously close, new momentum performs old noon,
Ditches the carousel on horseback, rides into status quo eclipse.


Birds and others at Conference are elected and located by
Doris, her contemporary brain wields a prior brain more potent
Than a torch or paintbrush carried over in poetic expansion.
It’s a short itinerary from “Love---the preeminent litterateur” of
Mina Loy’s Love Song #34 to Doris’ Valentine “Butter, me better.”
Knot work plunges, busts loose, into vigorous composition with portents.
Heart of liberty and traveling melody minder with translator’s athleticism
Carries rowdy guffaws rotating as HOT SPOTS flashing anarchic love.
Cheerleader’s Guide buoyantly retracts technological restructuring of woo tock space.
Decapitation by the hands of the clock presents time reversals.


Thus extra-poetic heydays perform Hall of Mirrors spaces of activity
Held up sternly---see this, it sends back, you-who?
Scale of galactic mirroring the ultimate explosion in extreme close-up
Of Lady Eve’s compact, easing into presence inside internal circuitry.
A social scientist of comedy builds intricately book by book.
Erotic entertainments of exorbitant beauty, assemblage, creamy rigor and tickling!
Books conceived intricately, around sound, books planned in theatrical terms.
The movement of different voices against one another, realistic dialogue,
The three-dimensional kind where a voice floats on and on
From somewhere else, sings, growls low, while others are talking.


The author claims tremendous freedom and mobility. The Doris touch
Is serenely independent. Something in the air, in the words
Word Sanctuary written on a steamy mirror with warm dampness.
The super freak fingertip motions come hither, like Poe, lets
Public take a peep behind the scenes, “at the wheels
Pinions—the tackle for scene-shifting—the step-ladders and
Demontraps—the cock’s feathers, the red paint and the black
Patches…” she keeps a tight rein on pleasures and horrors.
Page after staged page of spectacular shape-shifting characters whodunit
Fuel the beauty mutiny of poetic trysts in abandoned forms.


Stacy Doris has shaped an energetic and influential writing practice.
Keynote strangeness in Conference “let’s face it, I have this
Problem with form and at this point I can deal
With it from the outside, from a kind of formlessness.”
On smooth lakes of ordinariness, poems as mirrors written double!
French biography of “the world’s most perfect man” Chester Wiener!
The page sans nothing, every early thing, twenty-first century American
And the light waves around the page are bent momentarily,
Not by the gravity of celebrity but by the force
Of comedy, music and lament in digital dream time machines.


Sunrise arias of sophistication sound out the super doorway cacophony,
Courtier wit lives large in this insouciant jump-start transmission
Of language ever ready, over there, ever-loving spatiotemporal universes
Of law and puzzles, song abstracts within characters/voices/interlocutors,
Paradises reappear like meteorites or strangers passed on the street.
The practice of inside pushes outfield from inside the bouquet
As Arcadian as road-trip home movies, the Cake Part travels
Hand-to-mouth around the world oeuvre, from the beginning
Of time the Cake Part changes size, when one piece
Disappears another appears in its place, the surprise entrance continues.


Now see what good turns mirrors for reflection have done:
Delights to peep, gaze therein on screwball heroines, screwball heroes
In cave, temple, destroyed boudoir, where-through the sun, endlessly
True and false, light and sound are found. Loving form,
Doris fulfills her intention to make poetry vital in her time
Fierce faith therein, multiple readings do show her art evergreen.

March 31, 2012

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