Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Issue 24, December 2012—Trans / Queer Issue)

Ching-In Chen
Dialektik Skool, a Sampling of Correspondance, Interrogation, and Other Materials

Correspondance (l1, o1)  vs. Interrogation, M. Lao: Version A

I lost island under river.

container for myself.

not boy. not mother. She breathing my perforate, scald skins.

some ppl to urine   My island my good names my girl go underground.

the money eventually came.   I seen daughter slip smooth monitor face

 i born led my mother had six

between 2 beds. 100 small cabins. ma madder ha seex into earth.

2 main decks. 2 beds.  mah maddah haf sex

 madda herh sex siblins  I losing my body there.

 She drinking what not there, my girl I seeing


 hope she don't surface

 she girl

a cup. salt everywhere, even in hair. them gurl shipwreck fish. I losing my water, she

coming pressing deep my esophagus. dem gurl

their skin wet, fighting I lost    gurl gurl sib

me unruly against floor girl-girl sex she my body slip

my mouth, no find my way to breath.


Returns to you. You who crowd up by factory workers. You who slowly crouch over and won by tax-ors and government-ers. You think two together, your ex-er and the new-er. You replace easily. Traces, a scent, memory: you not paying any. You body you know walk this route two years.