Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Issue 34, October 2013—Visual Arts by Poets Issue)

Bianca Stone

Philip Guston said “There isn’t much I can say about the tendency to paint myself. I’ve always thought this characteristic to be natural in a painter.” In some ways everything feels infuriatingly like a mirror for the self. One in which we’re continuously reminded that our experiences are so specific, so trapped within their own personality, that we can only send out interpretations blindly, in hopes that the person seeing them can glean themselves in it, in turn. These, in other words, are Almost-self-portraits. I’ve been dealing with areas of grief and irony. I’ve been, as always, linking my poetry to my artwork. Here, I have been letting the line oblige the painting, rather than the painting the lines.

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image of watercolor painting of three ballet dancers

Prima Ballerina Assoluta

image of pen and ink drawing of figure lying out on the floor. In script are the words: I want to keep the heads of the dead I love // frozen & shot into space.

I Want To Keep

image of watercolor selfportrait.

Self Portrait

image of pen and ink drawing of two female figures facing one another. One figure is shouting the other is glowering at her.


image of pen and ink drawing made up of two frames. In the bottom frame there is a figure sitting in a chair with a table. Above there are three flying saucers and the words: On the other side of the cracked room my terrible evenings.

The Other Side of the Cracked Room

image of Time Used Me

Time Used Me

image of We Lounge in our Own Punk Shadows

We Lounge in our Own Punk Shadows