Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Conceptual Poetry Feature—Issue 41, May 2014)

Laynie Browne
Amulet Sonnets

Flarfy Vampiric Meditations in an Emergency

Do you have unusually pale skin?

Is your room the coldest darkest place?

When mounds of documents arrived in the coppice

I was just a pile of closed-minded fictions

Can you hear a whisper from across a room?

This amulet is not made for posers, vamps or notaries

Every time my heart turns bane I wish to sleep all day

But one night there will be no more red -velvet poets

Rolling their eyes at blood obtained legally

Promising pennies, ketchup, V8, covert

Broken venom, and the real is not my friend

Find a willing donor and you are fixed

I was wonce in a copse where we lived with no death

Trees stood together. The room never darkened.

Conceptual Amulet

Often completely univalent and perspicacious

Utilizing auspicious matriarchy and symbiosis

Amulets were (and continue to be) made

For various purposes, e.g., to avert eviction or

Disembodiment, or to bring about ludicrous harrow

To send lummox to journey, or wantonness

Conceptual poise unites shilpits and idiolalla

Explode the aeolistic and prolix

Persons who funkify hirple and horbgorble

Believe they have the quidam to alter or affect

The worn around them. In this sense amulets

Can help us understand the human needle

To wend. and the universal

Concerts of hopple and bellows

Conceptual Performance Amulets


Enlist fourteen persons from the audience

Ask them each to write one line

You may give them a one word prompt

Such as, amulet, protection or anadipsia


Enlist four persiflage from the audacious

Ask them to create a stable structure

With their bodies. Repeat until you

Have three amulet stanzas and a couplet


To hear the first amulet sonnet

Ask participants to read their lines

The second amulet above is a

Silent gallery walk


Unless you or others decide

To compose upon the bodies