Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Librarian Feature—Issue 44, August 2014)

Trevor Calvert
5 poems from InFormation

Aaboe, Asger, 44, 44

An abacus assuming human computers

charts twitter, tonality to calculate

complexity. Randomness, or the apparent

historical evolution of Aeschylus,

accesses African languages (see also

talking drums.) So alphabets as code compile

biological processes producing a

Table to find the Height of the Pole, or Alice

in Wonderland (Carroll). Any measurement of

information will yield anthropocentrism.

Babbage, Charles, 105, 120-21, 166, 178, 182, 205, 212, 213, 254-55

Babbage, Georgiana Whitmore coding Babel,

the human ecosystem, and/or mental skill

for tables of paper, describe biology:

book-burning as a basis for blunt physics.

And binary operations, built by Bohr, Neils

codes Baudot, or the fundamental particles

of bandwidth used by the Bodleian Library.

Entelechy “recodes” information, programs

numbers as bits, see neurophysiology;

this is the cost of informational processing.

echo, 31

Everyone, even economics, entangles

Entscheidungsproblem with redundancy in memes,

the emergence of global consciousness, even

electricity. Nonetheless, once in a while,

energy in black holes escapes into e-mail

and Elements of Electro-Biology

(Smee). Edwards, Mary and Eliot, T.S. dis-

order English with savvy commands evading

Epimenide’s paradox with barbed-wire

telephones, erasing information storage.

Gabor, Dennis, 252

Genetics as information science is a

coding system found in Gilgamesh, immense as

google times Godel, Kurt. Overall General

Electric games the system, from the Great Soviet

Encyclopedia to Greece, suffusing the

entire Gutenberg Galaxy (McLuhan).

Gibson, William is a process of gravity,

Glossographia: or a Dictionary (Blount);

and gravity, a metaphor—architecture’s

gene structure and function: The Great Exhibition.

I am a mathematician (Wiener), 235

Iatroepidemics and IBM share

imagination, thus a historical fear

that all “Information is Inevitably

Physical” (Landauer). Borges’s “Library

of Babel” compiles a semantic counter-

part in ideographic writing yielding pi

and the Iliad (Homer). Cryptography as

a system-state shows the possibility of

language, knowledge as psychology or at least

a significant noise source in the internet.

Note on the poems: These poems are constructed from the index of The Information (Pantheon Books, 2011) by James Gleick and seek to address the codification of meaning inherent in the nature of an index’s structure. As a book’s generative semantic field collapses into an index—a crystallized but stable structure—one can also “translate” an index by re-purposing it’s content as verse. In this way the life-cycle of a document metamorphoses once more.