Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (NSFW—Issue 45, September 2014)

Dodie Bellamy
Regard Her Tits

As big as bowling balls, that’s how big Daphne’s tits are. Big as basketballs, cannon balls, balloons, honeydews, pomelos, casabas, hubcaps, pom poms, flapjacks, sugar pumpkins. Cupping the close-cropped temple of her sex partner, Daphne says, “Lick those titties, yeah, you like them don’t you, these titties as big as your head.” Daphne smiles as he shakes his head yes. Enticingly, she rubs spit and jissom across her tits to make them shiny.

From a strictly medical perspective, Daphne’s tits do not portend as much as her genitalia do, but from a cultural perspective, it would be more accurate to attribute primacy to Daphne’s tits with regard to their ubiquitously and decidedly signifying her body or her femininity. Grand as planets, Daphne’s tits orbit our collective imagination. Her hands look teeny and rather futile as they squeeze her tits in offering for her tits are so firm, so present they need no outside support; it’s as if they—the semi-truck-sized headlights latched to her chest—hardly know the rest of her exists. Indeed, at the most persistent level, her tits have become what rhetoric calls a synecdoche for the woman, a part that stands for the whole. Jiggle, squish, suck, and lick—no matter how desperately we devour Daphne’s tits, there’s always more flesh, more woman tumbling into our gaping mouths. Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss you kiss me mommy.

La Mesa, California, is where you’ll find the best big tit surgeon in the business, Dr. Tom Pousti. Many of the photos in his online gallery—before, after, and gruesome in-betweens—feature women in their 60s and 70s. No age, race, or class is spared the allure of giant tits. On Large Breast Implant Forum, when hnicole asks if anyone knows how big Daphne’s tits are, Killer Barbie—whose tag line is “I’m Made of Plastic, Isn’t It Fantastic?!!?!!”—theorizes, “Well she’s short and curvy, and it seems that she had a lot of natural tissue before, so I’d put her at around 1500-1700ccs; it looks like she had a lift too by the scars and how round she got; it says she has silicone, but Idk about that,” and happy_bigger—whose tag line is “Every day is a good day with big boobies :-)”—replies, “Yeah she’s a G, I used to think I wanted to go as big as her but after being on this forum I am thinking bigger LOL.”

Porn films featuring Daphne include Big and Bouncy 2, Big Boob Volleyballers, Big Tit Cocksuckers, Big Tit Glory Hole, Big Tit POV: Anal Edition, Big Titty Jewish Princesses, Biggest Fattest Tits On Planet Earth, Big Titty Christmas, Big Wet Tits 1, Boob-A-Thon, Boob Science, Booblastic, Bounce: Top Heavy Talent, Busty Bang Sessions, Busty Cock Worshippers 2, Busty ‘n’ Wet, Busty White Girls, Cougars of Boobsville, DD Doctors, Double D DP Party, Francesca’s Juggies, Funbag Fuckers, Monster Tit Sex Zombies, Monster Tits 1, Stacked & Packed Volume 5, Stacked & Suckin, Sweater Stretchers, Tits-A-Poppin’, Tits Galore, Tits n’ Ass, XXXtreme Big Tit POV. Quite a list, but only the tip of the iceberg. Racially-mixed and anal are also her specialties.

So big are Daphne’s tits that a man’s mouth slips right off her stretched areola. “There’s not a lot of girls,” says Daphne, “that are as busty as I am, willing to do as much as I am; it’s really cool because I’m able to be in the big bust world but I’m nasty enough to be a real live porn star; I’ve got the big bust but I don’t use them as an excuse for only doing ‘Disney’ porn.” Until I began watching Daphne, I admit it, I was judgmental of giant-titted women. Victims and bimbos is how I thought of them. When I was in high school, on a daily basis, guys would slow down their cars and hoot, “Hey you with the big tits,” and this would make me blush and cry. XXXtreme Daphne wears her tits proudly, and this comforts me. Yeasty as swelling globes of dough, Daphne’s tits are manna for the needy. Zillions gaze at them and jack off, joy juice jetting in parabolic arches like a fountain.