Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (NSFW—Issue 45, September 2014)

Leon Baham
from PAEGU

Is that a snake?


Ahead on the side.

It’s a piece of tire.

No, it’s totally a snake.

You’re crazy. Look—a tire.

Oh. Well keep your eyes out for snakes. I hate them.

I will. Aren’t there big sheep where we are headed?

Big horned sheep. I’ve never seen them. Rosa went out with animal trackers and found them in like an hour apparently.


I know. We’ll keep an eye out but I wouldn’t count on seeing them.

You ever talk to her still?

Rosa? No.


Bet she’s having a fuck of a time with this Christ business.

It doesn’t debunk science exactly.

Does it not?

Nothing solid has changed.

But it has and you feel it.

Nothing science measures.

That’s true.

We’ve talked so much about this though.

For sure.

Let’s just let it.

Who keeps texting you?

Some trick. Adding to the collection of dick pics guys send to me hoping I’ll say my pussy is wet.

Everyone has a dick pic these days.

Everyone just wants to hump now. I’m glad to head out with you. Get away.

Turn your phone off.

I should.

But you won’t.

No-uh. Do you have any dick pics.

Of course.

Let me see.

You’ve seen me naked before.

Do you take shots of just your cock or do you get your face into the photo.

Oh, I always like the long shot. I hate that close up in porn where they just show penetration. I need to see a face.

I totally agree. Let me see.

Sure, here. Scroll left past all of the flowers. You’ll see my top and bottom shots.

Bottom shots.

Ass up girl.

what’re your tops like.

Eehh they’re young guys. Inexperienced. Ruthless but not meaning to be.

And for bottoms.

Older queens and trannys.

Makes sense.

You’ve seen who I bring around.

Oh, you’ve grown Calvin.

Yeah a little bit.

These are hot.


Nice lighting.

Lighting is really important

I can tell. You ever worry that someone would put these online?

If it happens it happens. I don’t worry about it. Maybe all my friends and family will find out I have an asshole.

I mean they’ve suspected for so long.


Do you have some of the pictures sent to you?

Yeah they’re in the Dick pics folder


Second page, here.

Ah! Starting strong.

Whose this?

That’s Rick.



How old is he Calvin?

You’re gonna yell at me.

How old?


You’re fucking a 19 year old.

He’s an old soul.

Was he a virgin?

No. I’m not self-destructive.

Okay and who’s this?

This is Karl, I think. Yeah, Karl.



On the older side.

I don’t fuck a lot of people my age.

Karl looks serious

Karl is very serious. Really into leather. I think that scene is really tired so we meet halfway. He’s a dentist. Wishes I would floss more.

Shut up!

Really. Dude is very concerned about my gum health.

I’m bored of Karl, Who’s this



Yep. She’s a lady in the streets and a lady in the sheets. It’s pretty pedestrian with her.

That’s nice sometimes.


Whoa keep your eyes on the road!

Why a Snake?! Oh, sorry. I’ll focus.

You fuck any of them still.

A few. Honestly I haven’t been really into fucking lately. Fucked enough for a while.

Must be nice to out fuck yourself.

How long has it been for you?


I hope you say days.


Yikes, you ever gone that long before?

Not since High School.

But guys are trying to get at it still.

Yeah they are.

You just don’t feel it.


Me neither.

Who would have thought the two of us sexless.

Not I.

hm. Would you turn Miss Nina off for a little bit.


You think we’ll want to fuck again before it ends?

Probably. I mean I’ve jerked off after funerals though.

You’re terrible.

Calvin the Terrible

Watch out everyone.