Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (Hiroshima-Nagasaki Feature—Issue 56, August 2015)

Wong May

What does China remember of Japan?

On Lugou Bridge you ask.

What does Japan remember of China?

On Lugou Bridge you want to know.

They say don’t count the stone lions

On the pier,

You will become one of them.

They say – Stop counting,


I bared my teeth in the mirror

When I got back to the hotel.

They still clatter

From the prolonged exposure

On the bridge.

I didn’t roar.

A clever man in the last century

Wrote a fairly readable book

“From Lugou Bridge to Pearl Harbour.”

He is a historian.

Are there things best kept

In the War Museum – nearby?

Born after the war,

I can contribute my parents.

For us

It is said

The last world war

Was fought.

The late Qing Emperor left 4 words

On a stone stele

“Dawn Moon

Over Luogao.”