Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (The Art of Losing—Issue 58, October 2015)

Ada Smailbegović
from Some Disordered Interior Geometries

From a smoother central part it projects a ragged sheet.

These lines have been likened to a series of steep walled tents.

Color green and surface quite shiny.

When this peels off it is often pinkish red.

Interior bluish, tinged with yellow.

Shiny and nearly black; interior bluish white.

Color deep purplish brown, with occasional paler rays.

Irregularly circular, it has a waxy luster.

Thick and solid, its soft parts are commonly bright-colored.

Color may be white or cream, often with rosy rays; interior like white china.

Color dull white, sometimes tinged with greenish.

Heart-shaped, sometimes gaping a little at one end.

Slender and elongate and often reddish in hue.

A handsome snow-white color; pleasingly formed.

Color dull grayish; interior white.

Surface smooth and shining; color shiny tan.

The lips are thin and glossy white.

Color whitish lavender, often with purplish rays.

Color bluish white with two red or purple blotches.

The interior is like white china, with a rosy tinge around the edges.

Color ranges from deep pink to pinkish white.

Color yellowish green, the interior silvery white.

Lips rather thin and fragile, and often translucent.

Interior white, tinted with pinkish.

Lips but little inflated, not very much curved.

Inner surface silvery, with tints of pink and green.

Interior pearly, and features very minute scars like pinpricks.

Lips about central and rather prominent, with one of them perforated by friction with the other.

Interior silvery, with green and pink reflections.

The outer rim projects over the pearly interior and forms a red edge.

Color ashy pink, with distinct brownish or reddish rays.

Surface rough, mottled gray and black with a bluish owl-shaped patch at the center.

Aperture circular, with a thin and sharp outer lip.

Color dull chalky gray with the aperture showing tinges of iridescence.

Color yellowish white; aperture pearly.

Color purplish black, vertically flecked with white.

The aperture is half-moon shaped, and the distinguishing character is a lengthened groove, or chink.

Color pale chocolate, often speckled with whitish.

Aperture small and oval; outer lip thin and sharp and wavy.

Aperture very large and nearly circular; color pinkish white.

Color varies from pale pink to purplish red.

Small aperture pear-shaped, outer lip thin and sharp.

The inner lip bears a single pleat.

Deep within the outer lip are several elevated white revolving ridges that do not reach the edge of the lip.

These form a sort of shield, which when empty and turned over suggests a small boat.

Color white, surface glossy.

Aperture teardrop shape, bordered by a thickened lip.

Elongate and graceful, with just a slight bend to the right.

Aperture oval and narrow; inner lip smooth, white, and slightly arched.

Color grayish green, with blotches of black and bright green.

Interior may be bluish or pinkish.

The surface may be smooth and glossy or dull and chalklike.

Thin, egg-shaped; posterior tip bent.

Thin, fragile; flaring aperture; velvety pinkish white.

Large, rounded; gash in inner lip; yellowish white.

Rugged; white or pinkish white; rosy-pink aperture.

Thick and solid; posterior sloping; grayish purple.

Small, well polished; rosy red.

Acknowledgements: A Field Guide to Shells of the Pacific Coast and Hawaii by Percy A. Morris, Houghton Mifflin, 1966. This is an excerpt from a larger project commissioned by The Reanimation Library word processor series.