Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics (The Art of Losing—Issue 58, October 2015)

John Niekrasz
20ème 10/14

Continue working on score based on the recorded call to foreclosure hotline from billboard. Foreclosure everything confusing can make. Then in small (mis)print, 1-800-995-4673 [the wrong number; 1-888-995-4673 is correct] www.LaonScamAlert.org coö

Score from H’s father’s surveillance system. Quad splitscreen [Fournier, Bentham, glaziers, Orwell]. Lo-fi. Including night vision (active illumination). Date and time stamps.

protection, automation, menace, panopticon, voyeurism, isolation, paranoia, nature as background

“ — Non … ” : Revisionary negation in the lyric moment. Rimbaud “Mémoire” (Dernier vers 1872) 5th line. Caesural zero-point, violent break, meta-moment blooms, striving for greater expressive accuracy, glimpse of self-criticism, erasure/palimpsest, Galvin “motion of mind”, penetration of 4th wall (Denis Diderot, Molière, Andre Antoine).


reread flow

find task




I need a completely secure private journal.

Send outline and invitation for TV journal to Dad.

(handwritten? via sms?)

— what watching; channel/station & title

— when

— reaction, briefly

Can the giving and receiving be not only simultaneous but the same action? As in synapses. Inclusive serotonin predownput exhibitors. How perfect must a forgery of the genuine elemental be? The group of us was profoundly marked as from within an uncontrollable compulsion. The outcome? Learns to commit death conception. Toils with this jargon for feeling.

I took in the things everyone took in.

Since the supposition required thought beyond logic, the first person was unable to imagine a conclusion: Of the forty-eight settlers at Fort Dearborn, two were drummers. Imagine each stroke as an act of listening. The gesture is listening. Journalistic frame. (an erotics, not a hermaneutics, etc.)

art from satiety is oppressive

strive always for tone

failed voice

noticing when I have a short fuse



stories autobio

find that list of old etudes

I ran into my old mentor, still aching along. She said, “In some places you can effectively flush your body with clean air and water. Observe suffering. Party on your axe.”

Charisma research group. Today, the satellite dish installer strung a wire across my view of Notre Dame. What I think is my good side may not be.

The performance experience has to be energy-giving to both me and the audience.

Offer a show worth more than anyone paid.

How can it all be self-justifying?

I don’t want to see Livio show-off. I want to see him build something good or bad;

break something good or bad. Evidence of having experienced something.

Evidence of having processed and analyzed that experience through this.

If there is still one hellish, truly accursed thing in our time, it is our artistic dallying with forms, instead of being like victims burnt at the stake, signaling through the flames.

—A. Artaud

I’m paraphrasing.

I don’t have to pay to be moved.

I don’t have to repeat myself.

I don’t have to pay to repeat myself.

“The gifts I’m giving you are shit.”

We kill each other.

Stop looking back to the good times.

Mark out my experience of time’s passage.

(passage vs progression)

(accumulation vs accretion)

vaguely cyclic

spiraling forward


employed disjunction

What my senses engage with and respond to in enduring ways —

I could imagine making a piece with you. Secret info coded into textile. Escaping censor. Prison. Metric system most colonial.

Clothos Lachesis Atropos

In orbit, the metronomes fail

We’re froth on a rock


Fourier transforms and their inverse. Interference leads to certainty. Manage your boards.

Goldilocksian embiggening. Surface of last scattering I think is wrong according to debris pouring in. Alternates new and old, swung and unswung:









Clear Errors: the generative shape of fault

Resolution (alternate take 2) 4:30 ->

curses, auracular, oracular, apostrophic

How maintain both social equilibrium and creative fire? [“prophetic fire” - C. West]

In what way is the tourist uninteresting?

Reverse engineered theater movement.

Isolate artifacts in midi instrument sounds.

Paul Eluard deliver us uninjured. If not in good communion with your pleasures, how will you know what you’re working toward? Eminent dirigeant

Instruction, reference.

Metaphor. Autophage.

Opens up or shuts down discursive possibility.

signifier as authority

signal as instruction

sign as conduit

language based in power

vs song

attention-seeking and attention-giving behaviors

sacrificial identification: not the minister’s food taster, not the nettle-stung botanist

delimiting frame, discursive censorship, shrapnel as collage

shorn language as visual coil pot


narrative of error

limited investment in place

the new novel is about growth hormones

write from perspective of sedimentary characters: child bacchus, calavera, rester, drinker, lech, busker, beat with crossed hands, winking oligarch, starlet, friend robbins on the dung heap, peace-privileged boy

it might be worth listening to

if the mind? what?

moves beautifully enough





nourishes the stupid little mind

strangers are comfortable waving to each other from boats




expresses – “no desire to express, together with the obligation to express”

A.Badiou thought is the proper medium of the universal

thought is the subject in so far as it constitutes a hole in knowledge

the universal is always incalculable emergence rather than describable structure

truth is intransitive to knowledge it is essentially unknown

to characterize truth as unconscious

a neutered mathematics

a great example of the little style

services hear these maximizing what that’s bottoming out much pleasure