The Volta: Friday Feature

Best Books of 2012
Brandon Shimoda

image of Sea and Fog

Etel Adnan. Sea and Fog. Nightboat Books.

image of The Bedroom

Attilio Bertolucci. The Bedroom. Translated from the Italian by Luigi Bonaffini. Chelsea Editions.

image of MW: A Midwest fieldguide

Dot Devota. MW: A Midwest fieldguide. Editions 19\.

image of The Hole

Thom Donovan. The Hole. Displaced Press.

image of Diadem: Selected Poems

Marosa di Giorgio. Diadem: Selected Poems. Translated from the Spanish by Adam Giannelli. BOA Editions.

image of Mimeo Mimeo #7: The Lewis Warsh Issue

Mimeo Mimeo #7: The Lewis Warsh Issue. Eds. Jed Birmingham & Kyle Schlesinger. Mimeo Mimeo/Cuneiform.

image of Bright Brave Phenomena

Amanda Nadelberg. Bright Brave Phenomena. Coffee House.

image of Public Figures

Jena Osman. Public Figures. Wesleyan University Press.

image of Selected Correspondence

Kenneth Patchen. Selected Correspondence. Bottom Dog Press.

image of Readings in World Literature

Srikanth Reddy. Readings in World Literature. Omnidawn.

image of Diaries of Exile

Yannis Ritsos. Diaries of Exile. Translated from the Greek by Karen Emmerich & Edmund Keeley. Archipelago Books.

image of Nilling

Lisa Robertson. Nilling. Book Thug.

image of Locomotrix

Amelia Rosselli. Locomotrix: Selected Poetry and Prose. Translated from the Italian by Jennifer Scappettone. University of Chicago Press.

image of Madness, Rack, & Honey: Collected Lectures

Mary Ruefle. Madness, Rack, and Honey: Collected Lectures. Wave Books.

image of On the Tracks of Wild Game

Tomaž Šalamun. On the Tracks of Wild Game. Ugly Duckling Presse.

image of June Fourth Elegies

Liu Xiaobo. June Fourth Elegies. Translated from the Chinese by Jeffrey Yang. Graywolf.

* * *

Brandon Shimoda is the author of four books—most recently Portuguese (Octopus Books & Tin House, 2013) and O Bon (Litmus Press, 2011)—as well as numerous limited editions of collaborations, drawings, writings, and songs. Born in California, he has lived most recently in Maine, Taiwan, and Arizona.