Heir Apparent

Issue #10: April 2013


A little ball

Made Ben’s father mad

Jeff called Bolo

And the fight began

In the garage behind

The kerosene

Calf dogs dressed

Like dinner hurry

Hurts the family

That fools the house.

Morning mothers moon

The egg breakfast, the Fanny

Under the pocket of

Pants out by the clothesline

The gopher’s nosegay nose.

Snack stayed a star

Tommy likes to stead

Daddy stops and Bolo

Ran behind the kerosene

To Jeff with his calf

Dogs dressed foot pants

Out by the clothesline.

In the garage

A little ball

Like dinner for a

Breakfast wouldn’t

Compete complete.

The compote under

The pocket of rice

California race California

Californ-I-A. Tommy

Likes the snack pants

Fanny murdered like

In the book whose title

Is a cliché and Bolo

And Daddy stops behind

The kerosene in front of

The gopher’s calf dogs

Dressed. This is a Rocket.

Let’s let Mike ride.