Heir Apparent

Issue #12: June 2013

Stephanie Ann Whited


I was not enforced in the first place

before I was the subject, she made me

interchangeable. An object

without skin, I spilled out

as a function of growth,

incisors emerged through soft tissue

which healed on the bodyclock.

On the analog,

the king has fallen and the queen is fighting

on the other side. The bishops

are painfully aware and organizing.

As it written, the game is over.

The pieces remain apparently

in the same state. They’re

not alive, only in regards

to the game. As it is written,

it’s over when the king falls,

but the people are still alive and relating to each other

without terms. There are labels

unable to undergo operations or be negotiated. The people

are still alive they relate to each other

as overhead. Supported by walls

the roof’s dimensions were configured

prior to erection. A routine operation begets safety

begets confidence begets exploration

and a narrative to return home. To be able

to return home is insurance,


configured after erection, a search for safety is

an overhead where the roof is used as evidence

of adhering to labels in defense

of abuse. When hitting return,

a search for safety starts over

internally, the next line

is suspect. The function grows

to spear the soft.