Heir Apparent

The Trash Issue #19: January 2014

How to Conquer Stupidity | Frances Richard

How to conquer

stupidity—as if there were layers—there

gather in layers, a tesseract—in ruches, hyperbolic

folded planes like lettuce

edges. Dear makers

of the experience economy: Here bulges out a temporal

extra-lobe, a place to wedge this

extra-limbic impress of black-eyed susans, black injury

in junked kitchen enamel. Stet that, deep mother-

markings. Go deep

into mitochondrial DNA and tabulate

spare plasm to surround—devour some of the—

BASF-Dow-Monsanto-Halliburton-Exxon-Rio Tinto, snare

a broken genome in an incantatory bag. Its moiré

panels bulging out—voice particles—burn up

my saints and spread their ultra-ashes, word-

icules, on rachitic raspberry bushes, thin sea lions, brainsick

undancing bees. “I used to be Millicent, but now

I am Franny” (Ted Berrigan, 1973-74) Pressed

against the barriers of deepened rows of math



a thoughtself in the ovum of the bee, O

be some other name!—“and you can self-

remember the teachings”  Sink slowly

deep in bad ice, sloughed numbers, junky phrases

waft around like empty plastic bags.

But now new-photograph

Emily Dickinson stands a-tanto in her little boots—age 28, 1859—her dense

intelligent eyebrows—protecting all my variegated

flashes. She will do yours

too, safe-conduct them all

with small motions. Her sturdy delicate

hands outpace Tom Cruise

at his transparent blackboard scrawled with crime. She banishes

and summons. Made of light-grains

her father bought the way

he owned her room, her bedded plants. Her eyebrows manage

ether, she knows

how to accomplish a black cake


a yellowcake


an animated bag


At the conference heard “ant”

twice, we said “vetch” twice. Someone said

not to say “iPad”—trademarks poison language—and someone tenderly

explored the monster soul

of plastic the shapeshifter At the monocratic barrier

Bayer Group-Textron-BP-GE-Koch Industries-Honeywell

Draw spiral

Draw X where the expunging

Write a book

imprinting thought-intelligence

on tragicomic relations with everyday

malfunctioning material situations and objects. The failure

medicine—damaged shallow white-enamel

washbasin for hand-laundry—once belonged

to cut-out organs at the Iron County Hospital Wave you out

at the edge of the folded universe, my

effortful—my personhood—my multiplied multifoliate

device. It is no use

to just make lists. But that’s why

I was hired, why we earn

the big bucks: to feel rocks sweating

through our black t-shirt. Eucalyptus-sun-dust-fail equations rubbed

this paste of burning

in our sweaty interface


And not to kill it

—monster doe with blackened

nanoparticle-rich bones, blasted


trembling—in a multicore

of vetch. “Dying is embedded in the physics

of the world.” “The all-sound music

of the future”—a.k.a.—“a diagnostic

of the infospheric pollution

of the psychosphere”—or a.k.a.—a

cognitarian insurrection right about

now. The hot winds winding down. Do

your perception thing—

OK   OK   OK   OK

Precision Castparts-SPX Corp.-Northrop Grumman-Public Service Enterprise Group-Sony

“I loved that almost

most of all” (Ted Berrigan, “Last

Poem,” 1979)


Feel data, glimpses optimize

through privacy films, scan pleatings

where an ant climbs through the body of the dead stove

dumped in muddy woods, with flowers

poking through its rusted lacy

places like the tremor in an on/off


wave a gelatinous

buzzing wand and click

on the dark spot. Page through the breast

as if it were the pages of a book—ignite a glow. No

use—all mountains

everywhere are wearing down.

Straight reply—


“All prancing proud horses sweat milk and

are nurtured by low-lying clouds” (Lyn Hejinian, “Selections

from The Unfollowed,” 2011)

Due to zerohood sucked

in from empty

spots. The tesseract. The surge pores

persevere in radical milks of


mere sequencing—eddy up—in air—in juxtapositions

in a spread-out—air—blue glowing—fold field—use /s/ or use /z/—in an undercore

of rocks and blood, in sperm and albumen—in easifications tipping

into waning—in sentencing—applying guidelines in some

other fund

in LyondellBasell Industries Biomet Inc. Owens Corning Berkshire Hathaway Eastman Kodak

Co., in Ineos Alcoa Suncor Conoco Praxair Sunoco Valero Nucor Chevron Pfizer Lubrizol

Joy Global

in a landslide. In ongoing logos


they excel

at l’s and b’s, mellifluous beneficent sounds, technical kinetic work of k’s, hard c’s, and plosive p’s exactitude and t’s, frictionless slide of s’s, soft c’s, x’s, z’s. Family names and life,

sun, value, newness, honey, lubrication, air, the ur-root, company. We do this

jointly, group joy fomenting particles all

tensile, beaming, gleaming, greased, all locking

seamlessly, delocking, busy majestic stainless puissance

humming in and of its other self. The inner life

of 617 anagrams unscrambleable per     http://www.hanginghyena.com/solvers/word-

Due to holding

edges just apart but not too far

the surge pores

persevere in radical

milks. In laughing ideational

hyena hanging in the spaces

marking pulses, slashes, electric albedos of newish

cloud and failure habitat and

much ex-ice. Terrestrial albedo names that fraction

of solar energy (shortwave

radiation) reflected from Earth’s surface back to space. Deeply shadowed cavities can achieve

an effective albedo approaching the zero of a black body. A black body is an idealized physical body that absorbs all incident electromagnetic radiation, regardless of frequency or angle

of incidence: “I shall call such bodies perfectly black…” Ice, especially with snowcap

present, has a high albedo: however, this pertains to an ideal example: fresh deep white

snow across featureless landscape. Most sunlight hitting such a surface bounces back

towards space. Water is more absorbent, less reflective. At light-wavelength scale, even wavy water is always smooth. Light-glint off water is a commonplace effect of this. Thus, more solar radiation is absorbed by open ocean than when ice dominates. Do you seriously believe

that certain words in special order

can recoup and decontaminate? Or is conquering

a language you want to use. NB:

Castparts and LyondellBasell are the only proper names in this list not helpfully pre-added

to the Microsoft Word for Mac 14.1.2 OS X Lion

inbuilt dictionary. (Worst air-polluters, 2012, according

to the Political Economy Research Institute at UMass Amherst



On your knees then

in the bee’s brain scrubbing

with a toothbrush. On your

own. On most days. On the border. On your honor

as a person. On your own head. In a pollen

storm. In algae bloom. In tule fog. In getting

off the bridge. In layers. Read it

in a book. In milky

smears. A small black

hole. Repeating

idiotically. In a girl’s diaphanous