Heir Apparent

Issue #3: September 2012

Totem | Brian Foley

I as a member:

bring into confusion:

the fixation of images:

sensitive bodies: a turf:

giving away: all but:

that which makes

things appear clearer:

a device: within

an object: to accustom to the presence of man:

to influence: weather: covering

the head:

there is clearly

visible space:

between two things:

the ears: a part:

the eyes: a poverty

that cannot be exaggerated:

as an inside:


Night: denies:

being: the furniture:

when staying: stops: responding

yet to hear: the drowning: lights

contributing: a chair: to sit:

as in thirst: it enters:

the first thought of the mind:

into the dot: in which

we place ourselves:

to elevate : a makeup

I: call back: a bind:

remembered in: the wept:

in mouths


Giving signal:

by lanterns: that alphabet:

their sentiments: axe: wideness:

from the scene:

we story: business

to introduce strangers:

removing a distance: to supply

a place:

an incumbent:

to glove: to get rid of:

the umbra of: cause: contained

in: a measure of white


To this day:

wood-stacked: come:

doubled over: from:

the slug: and heaven


I say: gratitude:

for the detour: I say:


for lights:

dark hunting: to amaze:

for: grease: set to gather:

a chance: to slip:

come: old breathe:

bored: of sighs: lure back:

the you: swung away:

upon sway: I say:

gratitude: to

rumble: a friend: say:

gratitude: to wood: ready:

for the ways: to be

not there:


 A skin: for tomorrow:

acquires material: dismantling: chandeliers:

a rally: beyond: the sea: made

 with: photography:

 every single night:

a quest: to define: the next: sobering: thing:

noise: that brooms: when nothing:


 pendulum waves:

uncoulpling: the most beautiful: train:


Listen: is


mud: trapped in:

constant: hot water:

never: the place: you need:

to hear: right now:

where is: the ethic:

origin: engaged:

to noise:

come here:

says: the human

arm: holding: me:

on purpose:

either: you

dress: for: the

music: or: change:

your name:


What: a bunch of rockets:

 don’t know:

the landscape: is empty:

looped: through:

a language: we dream:


I sense: a depth: roots:

late at night: to music:

the root: of being: held




as the dispute:


between heart:

and hand:

I die: before: I

summit: the power of:

your face:

in or to this place:


to use:

yet: able to form:

in the mind:


as animals: in



aloud: in their thousand:

million: sheathing



 As is my right:

my voice: changes: by the ear:

a room: of rooms: for rooms:

 upheld: in

the whole condition: to blame:

what it costs: to claim:

needing: only:

my within: polished: occasionally:

I have not: made up: a room:

for you:

as I will: never:

own: my house:


I read: the end:

as it began:

to where:

I walked: the clothes: off

my body:


a class: in

apologizing: a life

which: sucked:

so bright: everything:


licked by blue:

lonesome: tree:

it’s strange:

being you:


 An edge: needs:

an opening: to beat the arteries:

 a species of earth:


more specious: than real:

my head: an egg:

 deposited on the flesh

by a fly:

 I lop:

for neck: to be edged:

which: obliged:

 courts: the argument:

not relevant: to the question:

 of connection:


I’m: up front:

placing my order:

into a window.

light: saps:

while: I sit: to be around:

and think up: seasons:

out of tune.

Its: not wonder:

the wonder : at what is:

impossibly: accurate:

that bothers:

I want it: to be:

parody: to take me:

and mutilate: my: congress:

using: multicolor:

to be: tears: if: you love it.