Heir Apparent

Issue #31: January 2015

from Is To: As: Is To | Cecily Iddings


Look: Selfie: It’s morning:

Ask: Am I a psychopath?

It’s risky: Put in

Its frame things you like

Badly: A scare: Danger

She’s wasted: Years: A gesture:

For example take apart the future:

The directions are: Build

A model from the meanest

So it’s familiar: This is NOT

A joke or trick: The ultimate secret

Of eternal love: Not to be looked at

But to demand non-looking

She leaves the blinds open:

And don’t look: And place frailty

Uncertainly: To trust: You teaser

You liar on the center line

You black ice: Your deliberate ugly:

Look at the morning:



Like the newest one best:

As mama loves the baby more

Who smiles: If you want:

To be liked you must

Like in kind: Or be just

A dick: My life had should

A boded thing: But it was my

Tub of spinach held the dead

Field mouse: Wee timorous: Felt

Elect: We’ll all get there but

Some of us sooner: Whee!

Frogger: For remembrance: Thank god

You’re not always with the ones

You love: A cataract opens the door:

A lake pools from my mouth:

Either drooling or limpid

Vocabularily: One child purely hated

And one mugged for the camera:

One thinks: I don’t know you yet:

I don’t know how: Kiddo:

It’s all coming: It’s all about to:


Down: On green cloth: By force:

Because there isn’t any

To run out: I want

Way to wake up roaring

More days: All no

Not enough: All sorry

Not enough: The dead

Not enough: Too much hole

To take the tamp: Fine: Talk

Dirty man at me: Spit: Miss

Priss: Wanting the turn

Endless: Another another’s

To fix: Because it does not

Arrange itself: Living alone who

Do you lay the blame on:

A brotherhood of blah blah blah:

An attitude of good morning

Habit forming: As loving

As it is to give it all to you:

It is not loveable: And made so

It does not run out:

I undo my best today:

I can do and don’t:

What makes an end: What

Isn’t there:


Raised to rule: But unreliable:

Flickers: Each freezing frame

A place setting for a man’s

Man: Who comes to fix people

Comes unfixed: Amplifies

The projector’s flip: History

Laid the seed: We play

Its field: With obstructed skill

Get in position girl: To receive:

Your good your gift services:

Players lobbed into the game:

The guitarist in mittens:

Your fork is the left one:

My fork is the one that bends:

All the tough talk credentialed

And winning: Believed: One

Aligns the light with the edge:

Pours the sauce on the meat:

Puts the money in the till:

It’s not right how the song

Goes but I miss it still


Convenience store: I make my

Meals from: Assembled nearlies:

Food that sits well: Excuse me:

Out of the house endlessly:

Talking: In summer dress:

Stressed us: But it’s the kindest

I prefer: Coffee: So-so: How

Frustrates the mutter: The trail off:

The old hideaway: Unlistened

To fading: Would those glasses

Protect or blind if you were

Punched: No thought but in wish:

No trust but in wait:

What’s coming to: Ice cream

Lolls in the freezer: Cereal’s

Stacked straight: Should

Water stain I would not

Spill: One concern is to make

Change correctly: To teach

Them that they may buy:

Sugar in a spray bottle:

Donuts from the baker:

A fine okay smile from

Men we say safe: And women:

Who walk like guesses:

Tests: Speaking as spoken to:

Most all of us: Negotiating:

Holding the door letting

You go: You: Stranger: I

Let you go:


We fool around: I sit at home:

I need help: Seeps in: She doesn’t

Though I do not think: This game takes

Not exactly: Exploration:

Your character chosen shirt-like:

Why put the same one on each go:

Because you like remembering:

It reattaches: Was a girl:

Practiced cursing: Tried friends: Played at

Paste: I am a little bit wish

Compared to you: It’s like kissing

Time: The screen the outdoors insists

We meet: Mild sway: A chair tended

By someone slow or old or tired:

Got bored: Went there because I could:

Does the territory like to be

Defended no one asks: Its hills

Swell walled and bloody: The war’s dull

TV: One wants neither to be

Occupied nor occupier:

But every step the body fills up

Space: Frontier agree: You should be

Moral: Should not be so sorry:

Be so lucky: Cultivate no

Attitude: Eat PB&J:

The cats yuck barf and so I wipe

Barf: What is it to be a pet:

Petted: I have a snake coiling

Over me: All muscle: Tonguing:

And the live-in makes meals and mends

For him: Likes to be loved: The sky

Obstructed: Child obstreperous:

In this I see no fitness for

Motherhood: You put it on: Go

Somewhere else: Remove it there: Eyes

Adjust: Do better: Blink: Restart:

These words in this arrangement: Not

Before or since: But innocence

Persists perhaps: He drops a hi

Beautiful: And why whine at it:

Can I get your number baby:

Let’s say it’s one: Alone: Followed

By half the integers minus

One: Lined up like kids: Divisor

Universally: People who

Love it: Who loved me before: Who

Thinks this is a worthless count: Horse

Faced but I can overlook it

Says he: What’s beauty she: Nothing

On screen: But horses and gambling:

Even broke we can try to drink:

I could not see: The subtlety:

I read on it: I sugar thought:

One wants to inhabit gently:

Be gently inhabited: Sweet

Taker: Clean house: White lady what

Do you want in the silver bowl:

A crystal face: A straighter smile


The law won: I thought

But me: And the law

Went on: Its rare unvarying

Fairness: Some survivor

Cleaning the mess left: Then

At her death too: A cleaner

A vector of dumb life

That wants: Everything

Into the dumpster my dears:

Except: Save the six-gun:

Save the cuffs: Until we’re done

Let’s play: House: Jail: I spy

The flaw and the flaw: Loss:

That the face you make may

Be: Come all on your own


There are many but one:

Of the problems with the orgy

Is its association with fascism:

Surely it could happen more:

Naturally: One gets bored

Reiterating: Offers of semi

Athletic niceties: The message

Board is full of experts in

Your field: The tube crawls

With creatives: Naked asses

Wall to wall: Imagine each

Might be you: Or beloved

By you: Or foolishly you

Track the distractions: Miss

Most meaningful action:

Inattentive collaborator:

Banal fucker:


I’ll always know: And you:

Its bodies urgent wants:

Shiver pee come: It shies

From dying but likes

The scratch that would cut:

Harder: It’s never one:

You’d think: Drive fast: Radio:

Radio: Dark and boxes

Swerving: Talking over it:

The long slide doesn’t fix

Fair: Just begins its push

Is meant our house: No

House for brooding: Intimate

Skin: Below your first scar:

Crippled you: Us each: Miss

Here mom: It’s never always:

Men their futures: Women

Their bearings: What I carry

Always: When I said all

Was: Body tensed: Belt taut:

A vehicle intended as end:

One way to buy is: Dear:

You break the object:

You break it first


Well fuck: These my thrusts: Aren’t smartest

Like those: Though true they too try hard:

You don’t do it once: You do it

Badly and as to: How to fold:

I call my ma: My finger glows:

I have a home: I see a show:

When what you have is sex to sell:

You sell the sex: Seamy under

Best-dressed dukes: Oh alien go

Back: If back you have: And I my

Socks put on and never cry: Can’t

Be the meds: Cause it’s all gone:

We call it strong: Who cares might call

It cold: You learn it how it’s told

Around the TV when you’re small:

To make comfort: Necessity:

A sewing of the thumb into

The glove: A trying to make work:

For hands: Which quit their selves to creep

Across the road: And ugh poor: Them:

Creatures dumb: Defenseless: We grab

The nearest chance: Why do we: Dream

Bad: Why selfish mutter: Mother:

Pronounce: If the children vary

Their sentences: Very well then eat

The children up: A real nightmare:

I slipped a rock in through my nose:

It reached my brain where turned my mind

To stone: The scan shows a statue

Strict unconductor in the storm:

Sword raised: Lucky worker: Sings out:

Why do it small: Why it at all: