Heir Apparent

Issue #45 April 2017

from Fall City | Dale Smith

FOR SOUND TO BLACKEN FACADES. A quip, a contained sip and yellow fawn. Beyond here or into a leveraging title, to announce a nearby shape. Send the accord to store metal stoops. In corner glass a line of empty. Lean in arch regard to keep a manly fortune. Lavender woman of autumn color. Evade white watch doom entry. Earth clods keep in clean accord. Heart to heat black columns, figuring a fastened bell. Inky denim stains leather stool as linked words await warm breathy pulses. So send alert root feathers of crow dawn. Lines erase under planted heals. Booted boys blurt a beery cheer.

In case you didn’t hear the leveling guitar synthesizer recording escape glass embrace. Instead, leaning forward, a bouncy lemon cape draped peachy shoulder, and dared eyes toward amber light. I sighed, a constant dupe, word deliverance sustained. As in opposing arrows, aimed east and west away from a circle at her blue chest. Harrowing glimpse of river carp, orange or pale in green viscosities. Reward an earnest seeker, smite his nose. Step through turquois enclosures, a nude pink, devastatingly adjusted for taste. Pick the century of your voice, a fastener for fast bracing feet. Outside moon makes glass moisten. Grass mostly soon fakes said scenery. Fall stuns the coming urbanity of Greece, a Syrian palette stunned by plenitude. Full Asian. Buzzed hair. A throaty lip. Defend another bloodline in your bleary microcosm. Attend a cormorant interior.

If for no other reason to listen, compare. Against an abyss of meaning, words order consistency charmingly. As to bear forth true dignitaries. A lair of necessity, of cubist cliché. Closed and cozened to unzippered peppering. A stack of grey trays. Steep the picked black tea. Here acquires glances, erases sensual tense. Army of paper stainless dome tops. Adore measures as if coffee angelically capsized the wall. In your stark fall womb. In your dark, a color or coral loaf defined. Assure her pear limbs. They are broken, and autumn.

Wheel inside a wheel instead of read the mark. Set down brown stocking pulsing. Polar poplar bar-top beer. Sparkle. Spartan purpose yields collapsing dignity. Public purport, blue on green the lamp a moony mint against thin strap. Again the coming clamp of kind settlement. Linty sleeves, a shirt like stamps on Cartesian shove. To go all heady amplify. Ready a turn along maple oranges. Paths cut against perfect bans. Tall oak doors warm window weathers. Soon scented leaves, turtle decency. Collect long corridor sensations. Sag identity, or stream.

AND SWORDS OR STREAKS OF FLASHING silver sleep in air. As if Africa sold to stooped aristocrats or lunar prison shade. Solicit window warmth among rows of carrot signs. No leniency for suspicious children or sparrows. A lonely consistency, a soapy plan or outrage. There is a lamp of lime lines running parallel to a woman’s sneakers and lavender lifts in morning sun. Dissolve coffee hearts with a stirring spoon indifference. Energy, sunlight, passage. An invisible city settles each angle, ancient as hemp hardware. Sturdy cobbled destinies. Sage and maple yellow, Canadian white against the indifference of turmeric. Observe a pony frankness preserved by red booties. And weather sank the pigeon bench under balmy leaves. And woolen skirts shifted on calm knees. And wistful lips moved in warm breeze. Temporal hull, gulls in grey trash. A row of protein sows the warbler’s plenitude. In days of old we could tell. Compose an outer disposition to mask sleepy seeds. Looking between surfaces, skin and hairy green. A bee in sidewalk leaves, and scatters day.

SHE MARKS UNSEEN OR SLIPS, accountable. Hear the wind and watch the sword. A word, a torrent of cushioned sentences. She adheres in daily pickings. A fruit, a weed, a stump, a tree. And outer senses sound worry. For if any thicket of dense thorn pierces her dress, a wilderness corners. And in condensed kingdoms our meek moccasins crack under rocky pacings. An owl, a wood, a waiting. Her observable moon amenities. Stone and water. Stand to speak. Tear the interior.

WILDERNESS BRASS ANNOUNCED. Heavy oaken sink obscures lean spectacles. Four blue, one red. A new one, lemony, in a row. With amber and the autumn city, an ideal bellowing wildly. A sweater dress, a bouquet of dried mums. Speak past her purple. Voice radical shoots, the muddy boots of ancient leather. As if the skin of the kin of Minos. A bruised feature on the open field. It is wetter in November when streets open to taxi lights. A party, a sign. Energize rotating lights. Whiskey cohabitation. A strain of plague in the poplar prism schema. White girls climb computer screens. Apply a motherly gaze to advancing clouds. In the secular lasts of pried certainties, deductions amplify mental collapse. Old man hats and cardigans, mothy. Center plaid, Deutsche satire at the edge. A central hedge of supplication.

And here, mysterious mother of profane distribution. I ply my tricks in play. Pay up, the machine is waiting. Like beans, dark and medium, black fingers on birdsong. Stainless steel, shift mover, glove raving gladness. Sanctify any sadness and be had. Sour earned order. Seared fins and finales. Sugar and sugar, a crow stands in water. Crystal tumblers refract whiteness. Metallic attitudes and ample carving like ink. Like solitude. A wave dourly pouring. Amend the mention of glass keystone morning. I bend to the hem, threads fiery and bright. Shuttle wool, rightness in the system unable to dignify. Rye and corn and hops and wheat. The old autumn blows in a street with every last blood drop. Native headdress, serpents in the mouth. Bite flaxen textures, night like a city axe. Unsettle his settled descriptions. Compose, advance, dance. Green subtle soon. The moon is an oak swollen by car alarm.

MOVE BACK, A SYMMETRICAL PULSE AWAITS. Red clay. Store wet leaves, decay. A decoy life aspires to moon. And russet leaves hang, heavenly aimed spires. Wrap wires in paste, pleasant angler. Bend to cry as if to apprehend the hush. Golden streaky calm absorbs. I had not known camera silver. Each upside down acquired common sloping heave. We see, and enter. A wound theme, over thumbs. And to speak a birdsong principle. Aloof light bulb pop song quarrel. Legwork. Wobble.