In Review

Books of 2015
C. D. Wright

What About This: Collected Poems

Frank Stanford. What About This: Collected Poems. Copper Canyon Press.

Hidden Water

Frank Staford. Hidden Water. Third Man Books.

It’s time. It’s just time.

The Last Two Seconds

Mary Jo Bang. The Last Two Seconds. Graywolf.

Clarifying. For us too.

Beyond the Chainlink

Rusty Morrison. Beyond the Chainlink. Ahsahta.

Strong stuff. Chain-linked to our once-upon-a-time world.


Broc Rossell. Festival. Cleveland State Poetry Center.

Scrap-wire perfectivity.

Electrical Theories of Femininity

Sarah Mangold. Electrical Theories of Femininity. Black Radish Books.

I don’t know. I don’t know her. Did Fairfield Porter die walking his dog. I don’t know. But this is the second time I’ve been “drug” in. “Beauty is inevitable. Salvation is totalizing but salvage is pulled and put back into your heart.” I can’t even find those lines now.

The Country of Planks / El País de Tablas

Raúl Zurita. The Country of Planks / El País de Tablas. Daniel Borzutzky (trans). Action Books.

A hedgehog as he refers to himself. One idea. One idea all the way through.

Blue Fasa

Nathaniel Mackey. Blue Fasa. New Directions.

He does what he does and no one else does.

Dead Youth, or, The Leaks

Joyelle McSweeney. Dead Youth, or, The Leaks. Litmus Press.

Okay, it’s a play, she does the police in different voices. Not quite 2015. If she’s crazy, I’m going with.

Some Habits

C. Violet Eaton. Some Habits. OmniDawn.

This is something else. This is a kind of different I’ve been dreaming about.