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Chris Nealon | Issue #11 (March 9, 2012)

Chris Nealon is the author of The Joyous Age (2004), and Plummet (2009), as well as two books of criticism: Foundlings: Lesbian and Gay Historical Emotion before Stonewall (2001), and The Matter of Capital: Poetry and Crisis in The American Century (2011). He lives in Washington, DC. A chapbook of The Dial is just out from Song Cave.

Film by Patrick Baroch, a graduate of New York University's Tisch School for the Arts. Patrick has worked in film distribution at the classics divisions of Orion Pictures and Sony Pictures. During his fifteen years in Seattle, Patrick has produced a public access cable show, designed and built furniture, shown his paintings at local galleries. Patrick is also proud to have been a member of the programming committee for the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival from 1999 through 2002. In 2005 and 2006 Patrick directed four feature-length multi-camera modern dance performance videos and authored DVDs for each. Patrick's short documentary about Seattle's gay bingo, the country's largest, aired on Current TV in 2007 and 2008. Patrick has worked with Community Cinema since 2005.

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