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Annie Guthrie | Issue #14 (March 30, 2012)

I was sifting through photos for an essay someone asked me to put together when I discovered that I had been taking one photo over and over again over the years; in my sorting I found a woman partially photographed, her back turned, her face in shadow, or obscured, and then a full frontal address. Most of them are strangers, captured unawares…they are women from all over the world, from Paris, Dozza, Rome, Tucson, San Francsico, New York, Renacci, Auvers-sur-Oise, Naples, La Jolla, la Trappola, and Loro Ciuffenna. I wrote this poem immediately inside the discovery that I had been “spying” for ten years. Thanks to Jonathon Van Ballenberghe for making this video and also thanks for help from Jeff Smith. -AG

Annie Guthrie is a poet and jeweler living in Tucson. She has work published in Ploughshares, Tarpaulin Sky, Fairy Tale Review, H_NGM_N, The Destroyer, Everyday Genius, and more.

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