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Brandon Downing & Daniel Tiffany | Issue #8 (February 17, 2012)

Note: Please watch this movie in HD, fullscreen, for the full effect.

Reading from his serial poem PRIVADO (Action Books, 2011), Daniel Tiffany narrates this collapsed militant ascent, cobbled together from Leni Riefenstahl's legendary 'mountain movie' (Bergfilm), 1932's The Blue Light. Soundtrack is the opening 16 bars of Schubert's Ninth Symphony, 1st Movement, slowed 1306% and reprocessed. Editing and remixing by Brandon Downing. Voice recording and engineering by Daniel Rothman.

Brandon Downing's most recent books are Lake Antiquity (Fence), AT ME (Octopus Books), and Mellow Actions (Fence), dropping this fall. Many more of his videos can be found online at YouTube, channel bdown68. He lives in New York City.

Daniel Tiffany is the author of six books of poetry and literary theory. His fourth book of poetry will be published by Omnidawn in 2013. He is presently working on a critical book about poetry and kitsch, which gives him an excuse to read things that poets in the eighteenth century took seriously: pet epitaphs, gothic "mynstrellesie," and the archives of teenage forgers. He is the recipient of a Whiting Fellowship, the Chicago Review Poetry Prize and, most recently, the Berlin Prize of the American Academy. He lives in Venice, California.

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