The Volta


Because The Volta is comprised of several unique organs, we ask that you follow their respective guidelines detailed below (i.e., scroll down). We publish the estranging, the odd, the uncanny. We’re not interested in anything “fresh” or “excellent”; we tend towards the untoward, & so tend away from quirk & irreverence. We like the stunned, the unkempt, the sordid, the sorrowful. We like murk. We like joy & dread. Soon, we will have published work by C.D. Wright, Alice Notley, Eileen Myles, Cathy Park Hong, C.S. Giscombe, Bhanu Kapil, Tan Lin, Dana Ward, Harmony Holiday, Rae Armantrout, Yona Harvey, John Ashbery, Tomaž Šalamun, Tsering Wangmo Dhompa, Graham Foust, Henri Michaux, Renee Gladman, Bernadette Mayer, Maggie Nelson, Fanny Howe, & several hundred others, alive & dead.

Submissions are open year round, unless noted otherwise below.
We will try to respond in 6 months or sooner.
If you think we might’ve overlooked you, we might have. Query us.

Any & all general inquiries may be sent to:

thevoltaeditors |at| gmail |dot| com


Please contact the editors of THE CONVERSANT directly.


We do accept unsolicited submissions to EVENING WILL COME, but we ask that you query first. We tend to slate work 6-12 months out.

Please note that while poetics is a broad term, EVENING WILL COME is not looking to publish any reviews or poems. (For review and poem submissions, you are welcome to contact the editors of IN REVIEW or submit to THEY WILL SEW THE BLUE SAIL, respectively.)

EVENING WILL COME instead seeks: essays, treatises, experiments, manifestos, letters, roundtables, inquiries—even meditations, polemics, and diaries. Related, however obliquely, to poetry, or “whatever else falls within the same inquiry.” Something in the neighborhood of 1000 words is preferred.

Queries about EVENING WILL COME may be sent to:

thevoltaeditors |at| gmail |dot| com

Please put “EVENING WILL COME QUERY” in your subject heading.


The IN REVIEW editors can be reached at:

thevoltaeditors |at| gmail |dot| com

IN REVIEW focuses on reviewing books of poetry, hybrid-genre work associated with poetry, works of poetics, and poetry criticism, as well as books of interest to the poetry community. We do not review works in other areas. Please do not send us self-help books, young adult fiction, etc., as these will be immediately recycled.

We do not accept electronic files for review. Please send us finished books or bound galleys of forthcoming titles.

For review consideration, authors or publishers should send a copy of the work to the address below:

Joshua Marie Wilkinson, The Volta Ed.

Univ. of AZ, Dept. of English

1423 E. University Blvd.

Modern Languages Bldg., Rm. 475

Tucson, AZ 85721

IN REVIEW is open to considering reviews. Please note that we take an active role as editors. Reviews should run from 500 to 3,000 words. As we plan our features well in advance, please query reviews editor here:

thevoltaeditors |at| gmail |dot| com


Heir Apparent is no longer accepting submissions or queries.


You may submit your news items for our consideration—with links, etc.—directly to the news editors at:

thevoltaeditors |at| gmail |dot| com


If you’d like to take down the clouds, please query the editors at:

thevoltaeditors |at| gmail |dot| com


To submit work for consideration, please send only one short poem (as a .doc or .docx attachment) to:

thevoltaeditors |at| gmail |dot| com

Please put “TWSTBS submission” in your email heading.
Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please (have somebody) notify us if you’re dead, etc.

The columns below are on haitus but remain open to queries


ARROYO CHICO is filmed in Tucson, AZ occasionally; as such there is no submission process.


Medium is on hiatus, but you can query the eds. at:

thevoltaeditors | at | gmail | dot | com

We do accept unsolicited poemfilms and videos. The best way to submit to the journal is to complete your own movie, upload it to, and then (and only then) contact the MEDIUM editors at the email address above with the vimeo link to let them know that it is online for their consideration.

We suggest movies of 1-5 minutes in length; we suggest that you read from your own writing.


Tremolo is on hiatus, but you can query the eds. at:

thevoltaeditors | at | gmail | dot | com