The Red SeaShell | Dorothea Lasky

Red was a bad little person down by the sea
But he came to me and I to me
With the soft edge and also the rough

Red hands and red fingers
Red eyes and toes
A red seething, in a shell

Red was just a small fish soaked in crimson
But then the ocean fell and swayed
And when it did, so did he

To the other place, two fins into whiskers
The seapeople coming and going
Red, as well, before the murders

Red, a turtle, part family to wateranimals
And the fishing boats came and took the family
And Red saw much of his family go

So in place of his loss became a poison
That Red made an aching strawberry
A cherry so full of evil it split the sides

The day, a sunset down the edge of sand
A rosy unearthly glow of light
That is when Red learned to strike

The unsuspecting people, their hands in their food
A red slush, the tomato paste in fries
A red suit and nail, the sunglasses in brackish shade

All to die as quickly as they came
Red himself became the poison
The awful noise, a clanging steam

And where you see a rose, you must see Red
An evil and bad force go with nature
As does the simple happiness of red with white

The color scheme of forgotten wedding
The time of loss, when things are gone forever
Because Red will kill you kill you

He will kiss and kill you
He’s a bad little person
That’s what I said

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