They Will Sew the Blue Sail

How a Body Sways | Christina Mengert

Like a myth you could sleep inside

like a hollow reed singing who, who, who

like a planet in its wobble

like a fine, translucent egg and the current

against which it hatches

uncertain bride of meridians

swishing above the core’s suggestion

like a hive heavy with feast

the bay leaf in the oracle’s mouth

before she shrieks your tiny destiny

or the rope-bridge slack underfoot

each step gripping its modest vector

propelling this insufficient substance

like a halo tipped, mathematically,

cleansed with golden soap and blown through

a bubble searching its roundness in air

like the real universe peeking out

at its edges, waiting for an idea of itself

to loose its mighty arrow, to look back at us

and say not this, but this.