They Will Sew the Blue Sail

like lilac | Jae Choi

i didn’t know i was

making a distinction

until it felt like too much

to get into later

my hair combed back

like linda i wiped my hands

on my ass like linda

when she knows

there’s more to do

looked for a clean shirt

my size in linda’s drawer

purple thongs purple thongs

with lace lighter like lilac?

asked to grab the plates

woman of the house

holding matching bowls

in my hands arranging them

with love and concern

a remarkable sense of duty

loyalty to my fellow man

loyalty to my little brother linda

the person i am in full conflict

with the person i’ve established

myself to be historically

hosing down the driveway

kneeling in the lapse

with cut flowers resting

on one knee touch them

the person hosing down

the driveway touched them

tarp mound catching sun

the color of the garden hose

cement stones lighter

around where the hose met

the house and the water got out

lifted the running hose

end to my lips

sucking at the clear funnel

like the small bird in a moving gutter

new basin he whirred to me

articulate little thing

i called him linda

i spoke through the water


still within the displeasure

of one tented interval

acting itself out after the next

with no recollect of the first event

i took his relief as my own

just the same