They Will Sew the Blue Sail

Fountain | Leopoldine Core

You are not alone.

There are a lot of people

quietly interviewing


You seize timelessness

and then you pay for it.

Every gas station

is green

have you noticed

money and grass

of which we have


Red we see first

but green we feel

the lie goes in

through the skin.

The only way

to imagine

being human

is to imagine

being interviewed

as one.

Giving a very smart reply.

But here

look at the sky

look how red it is

No sunset makes its way

into print.

It’s dissolving


we’re watching time

and I’m a little older


The sun is amazing.

The moon is amazing.

And it’s amazing to think

of what it would be like

to delight people

with who you actually are:

saint and


I am just like you

a hot wreck

setting my religion

to music.

I can feel something


your gold tooth

in the dark.

Being depressed

it’s a shadow

a season

You don’t have to talk

this way

Protecting your legacy

it’s fetishy

Like living

at the museum

of your body.

Eating your own corpse.

I don’t want

to curate my death

or yours.

So please




It’s important, you know

for geniuses

to be sloppy

It makes other people brave.



Share the chair.

I think I’m someone.

You are too.

I’ve always wanted to know you.