They Will Sew the Blue Sail

In My Old Leather Breeches and My Shaggy Shaggy Locks, I am Walking in the Glory of the Light, said Fox | Gregory Laynor

Hi Gregory,

When asked what really trips his trigger, Mike West said that’s there just something about a man in a well-tailored crisp new suit that really gets him hot. And it also feeds into a full-on job interview fantasy. Exploring this new type of scene, we put Benjamin Bradley in a really handsome suit and tie and it fit him perfectly. Mike and Benjamin start out with a normal everyday job interview and it soon gets way out of hand. Watching the two of them going at it with the suits and slowly stripping out of them, you can definitely see how someone could develop an interest in them. This video is so intense, you’ll start hanging out around the business district on your lunch breaks.

When William Penn was convinced of the principles of Friends and became a frequent attendant at their meetings, he did not immediately relinquish his gay apparel. It is even said that he wore a sword as was then customary among men of rank and fashion. Being one day in company with George Fox, he asked his advice concerning it, saying that he might perhaps appear singular among Friends but his sword had once been the means of saving his life without injuring his antagonist and moreover that Christ has said, “he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.” George Fox answered, “I advise thee to wear it as long as thou canst.” Not long after this, they met again when William had no sword and George said to him, “William, where is thy sword?” “Oh,” said he, “I have taken thy advice. I wore it as long as I could.”

“In my old leather breeches and my shaggy shaggy locks” is from Sydney Carter’s “Ballad of George Fox.”

“Hi Gregory” is from an email.

“When William Penn was convinced of the principles of Friends” is from Samuel Macpherson Janney’s Life of William Penn.