They Will Sew the Blue Sail

Samuel Ace

What plane of high coral

Begin message:

From: S

Subject: What plane of high coral and trash would we sing across the oceans riled with virgins and big white boats?

Date: December 14 5:46:36 PM MST

To: L

Dribbling down his face  dribbling in buttons in shovels and redwings why would you know the grasses at Cedar Point or the blue farms at Mayfield Cemetery so hidden with hazards and play?

A crisis current

Begin message:

From: L

Subject: A crisis current a cunning zip of trash the end of lists I have them all in a basket and pour them into the stream to be taken to the end of the field where I fall into a ditch a courtesy sent a loud reminder of solar events

Date: December 27 9:25:43 AM MST

To: S

The basket’s full

no room

to sound alarm

the basket’s


taken and broke

the louder

they yell

the events

so big

they explode

the court

the faker

the trash

the trifling

of boys