April 2017

the volta

Evening Will Come

Power and|of|in Poetry, edited by Evie Shockley, including Cameron Awkward–Rich, Lillian–Yvonne Bertram, Jaswinder Bolina, Amy Sara Carroll, Cortney Lamar Charleston, Tafisha A. Edwards, Paolo Javier, Becca Klaver, Michael Leong, Dawn Lundy Martin, Philip Metres, Saretta Morgan, Urayoán Noel, Metta Sáma and Stacy Szymaszek

THE FUTURE, edited by Zach Schomburg, including Heather Christle, Amy Lawless, Phil Cordelli, Brandi Katherine Herrera, Michael Earl Craig, Jericho Brown, Timmy Straw, Dara Wier, Jenny Zhang and Emily Pettit

Chaos Control: Persona and Received Form in Patricia Smith’s Blood Dazzler by Jon Riccio

Until the Dolphin Flies and Parrots Live at Sea by Iman Williams

Heir Apparent

Ben Mirov, Amy Lawless and Chris Cheney, Bin Ramke, Cynthia Arrieu–King, Cedar Sigo, Dale Smith, Fanny Howe, Stephen Ramsay and Garrett Caples, HR Hegnauer, Friederike Mayröcker (JD Larson, Translator), Joshua Edwards, Jane Lewty, Katy Chrisler, Khadijah Queen, Michael Earl Craig, Nikki–Lee Birdsey, Rae Armantrout and Ronaldo V. Wilson

In Review

cover of A Pillow Book – Suzanne Buffam

Suzanne Buffam and more

They Will Sew the Blue Sail

New poems by
Dan Beachy–Quick
Jen Bervin
and more


Etsuko Ichikawa

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Best Books of 2016